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Zeroalcoholwines.sg is Singapore’s largest importer of alcohol-free wines. Any product that you see here have been carefully selected to bring you the most delicious non-alcoholic beverages available globally. We wholesale our products to hotels, bars, supermarket, restaurants, ecommerce platforms and resellers. By shopping with us, you made the best choice by buying from zeroalcoholwines.sg.

  • Fancy couple of crispy Sauvignon Blanc glasses over lunch but worry about sleep inducing alcohol effects mid noon at office? 
  • Indulging some glasses of lovely wines over dinner but worry about traffic police roadblocks? 
  • Are you pregnant? On a diet? Spiritual & religion reasons forbidding alcohol consumption? 
  • Do you start blabbering nonsense after some alcohol? But you still want to be seen drinking wine? 
  • Are you looking for wine with same tannins, juicy bold flavors and exact characters of what a wine should taste like BUT minus nasty alcohol contents that could lead to negative long term health effects? 

If you ticked any of the above, you are in the right place!

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